NU-X Verdugo Series Tape Echo Effects Pedal Tribute to Space Echo

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NU-X Tape Echo is a tribute to the Japanese-made Space Echo from 1974. Analogue tape echo devices record incoming audio to a loop of magnetic tape, then replays the continuous loop over the playback head before it is erased again by new incoming audio.

The Space Echo units used the standard 1/4" tape designed to spool onto tape-reels, however, this device used no reels of any kind; the tape is transported via a capstan drive. The tape loop is contained in a loose, constantly moving jumble in the tape chamber (also known as the tape tank) under a plastic panel which protects the tape and keeps it from getting tangled. The design resulted in lower levels of noise, wow, and flutter, and cut down on tape wear.


  • Up to 1600ms stereo delay time by Tap Tempo
  • 7 Repro-Tape Heads combinations and Reverb only
  • Core-Image technology brings natural Tape Echo with parallel spring reverb sound back
  • Realistic infinite pitch-shift feedback with TIME & REPEAT knobs tweaking
  • Sub-division time signature with Tap Tempo foot switch
  • 40 seconds stereo phrase loop with OLED status display
  • Optional delay time display (MS / BPM)
  • MIDI In/Out
  • Holding ON footswitch for self-feedback

NU-X Tape Echo uses Core-Image technology to capture these characteristics including BASS, TREBLE, REPEAT RATE (TIME), INTENSITY (REPEAT), ECHO VOLUME (LEVEL), REVERB VOLUME (REVERB), and physical features like WOW, FLUTTER, SATURATION. Even self-regenerate, self-oscillation using a dual foot switch stomp-box enclosure!

Brand NU-X Products
Type Reverb/Delay/Echo Pedals
Series NU-X Verdugo Series
Power 9V DC(Negative tip, Optional ACD-006A adapter)
Frequency Response 20Hz~20kHz - ±1dB
System Latency 1ms
Dynamic Range 103dBu/105dBu(A-Weighting)
A/D Converter 32Bit
Output Impedance 100?
Maximum Output Level 1.5Vrms
Current Draw approximately 100mA?<150mA
Sampling Rate 48kHz
Dimensions 105mm(L) x 115mm(W) x 58(H)mm
Thd+n Ratio 0.0038% @ input 1Vrms_1kHz , 0.01% @ input 1.5Vrms_1kHz
Maximum Input Level 1.5Vrms
Signal Processing 32bit
Input Impedance 5M?