Bryden 5 string Banjo

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Well well well, What can we say about our best selling 5 string banjo! Sure, it is not a Deering goodtime but it is also not over $1000. This has been our best selling banjo for years, online as well as in store, it is simply great value and excellent quality. If you are starting out and wanting to dip your toes into the water and see if you want to become a banjo player like many of our students, or like myself someone who plays guitar but wants to roll out the banjo on the weekend for a bit of extra fun...Then please consider this 5 string Banjo by Bryden. We could tell you about the nuts and the bolts, frets ect and even the remo banjo head but really all that is just a bit boring and not very cool, all you want to know is if this banjo is going to do the job for you at a great price. Combined with one of our most loved importing partners we have put together an excellent price for this number 1 selling banjo.   Are we excited at The Guitar Shop about this 5 string Banjo??? Yes, you bet we are. Join the world of banjo players and enjoy life. Bryden 5 string banjo...We love you.



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