Chapman MLB1 FF DH Bass

Chapman MLB1 FF DH Bass

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Chapman MLB1 FF DH Bass Quicksand

A word from co-designer I've been fortunate enough to have played and recorded many basses over the years and from that I have built a long list of all the things that I believe to make a great sounding and playing bass. When I was offered the chance to design these basses with Chapman Guitars I was first shocked as it was something I never thought I'd have the opportunity to do.
I realised that this wasn't just an opportunity to make a typical 'signature model bass', but an opportunity to see if it was possible to build a bass that incorporated all the notes from my list. Setting out on this venture I knew that trying to incorporate it all in one bass might not work. So it has been a long process of constant refinement but I'm incredibly proud to say that I truly believe that what we have created is exactly what I set out to do... to create the perfect bass. The ergonomic shape, the feel of the neck, the tone and tuning stability of the woods, the powerful electronics, and a killer look!
I've always been a 4-string player and so the MLB1 DH is home for me but often the music I play finds me needing that extended range of a 5-string. So the addition of the fan fret version gives us exactly that; 26 fanned frets allows the scale length necessary to delve in the to the 5-string world with all the feel of a 4-string. To say I'm proud is an understatement - these basses are one of my best accomplishments to date and I can't thank the guys at Chapman Guitars enough for making this a reality.
- Dave Hollingworth

Full Specification

HEADSTOCK Angled Serekh Headstock
TUNERS Wilkinson
STRING NUT 38mm Graph Tech Black TUSQ XL Bass Nut
NECK Wenge With Ovangkol Pinstripes with Oil Finish
NECK JOINT Neck-Through
NECK SIZE WIDTH: NUT 38mm 26F 59.52mm
THICKNESS: 1F 20mm 12F 23mm
TRUSS ROD FRETBOARD Wenge Fretboard with Rolled Edges
FRETBOARD RADIUS 200mm FRETS 26 Jumbo Bell Bronze Frets
FRET MARKERS Glow-in-the-Dark Side Dots
12TH FRET INLAY Gold Infinity
SCALE LENGTH 832mm to 889mm (~32.76” to 35”) Fan Fret
BODY TOP Mapa Burl Body Back Wood Only with Arched Front & Back with Oil Finish BODY BACK Ovangkol with Oil Finish
BODY CARVES Rear Tummy Cut, Rear Lower Spoon Cut, Rear Heel Contour
BRIDGE Chapman Single String
NECK PICKUP Bartolini 9CBJD-S1 Jazz Single Coil (Passive)
MAGNET: OUTPUT: TBC BRIDGE PICKUP Bartolini 9CBJD-L1 Jazz Single Coil (Passive)
MAGNET: OUTPUT: TBC CONTROLS Master Volume (250k) with Treble Bleed Circuit, Blend Control (250k) Knob, Master Tone with Push-Pull (250k)
STRAP BUTTONS Chapman Strap Locks
STRINGS Ernie Ball Slinky, Nickel Wound Bass, 4 String, 65-130 (From Mid-2018) CASE Chapman Pro Hard Case

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